It Stings Like A Smack Across The Face.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I spent the weekend with Andy, and like always, it was amazing...He took me to the Morris to see a beautiful Christmas show with a Orcrestra, and before that we went out to eat and a beautiful resturaunt.
a few moments ago I sat in the recliner, alone because my parents were out getting groceries, and my little sister was upstairs on the laptop, undoubtedly mulling over some new teen angst.
I was going over the weekend, the ups and downs, my favorite parts, and the parts I didn't understand.
...And I had something..."smack" me, so to speak. This will sound bad at first, but bare with me...I don't know to whom I'm talking to because no one reads this anyway, so I suppose I'm telling myself to bare with...anyway.
Their isn't anyone who really knows me that doesn't know know how horrible it is for me every time Andy leaves, and usually the day after when I am riddling myself with questions, "why not this?" or "why didn't I do this?" or "Why didn't HE do this???" and ultimitley, I feel hurt and confused over nothing, and then it goes away, and then re appears the following Saterday night, Sunday, or Monday.
...See, I actually started realizing this later today, but we will come to this later.
I always wonder, why doesn't he respond to things the same way I do? When I talk about living together, possible engagement, still least possible marriage, he always gets a distant to uncomfortable look and attitude. I know the majority of guys do, but it still bugged me. Why am I so different them him? Why when I hug him, fawn over him, etc, I always get the same stare away from me, or quietness. I'm thrilled when he looks at me and responds with some other term of endearment. I always linked the two together, when I realized they are on two different planes completly.
I will adress both sepertly.
First off, the effection I show to him, can't really be shown back to me, because though everyone that walks the face of this wretched planet thinks I am the biggest bitch to breathe air, or at least most...I'm so different around him, and for him to show the same love back to me, would kill him...almost not joking. I realized after watching the last half of a poorly made "chick flick" *shudders* even as a female I give off way more effection then normal girls, or people do. I CONSTANTLY ambush him with hugs, kisses, I constantly play with his hair, run my hands over his chest, knuzzle his neck, tell him I love him, tell him how happy he makes me, I thank him AT LEAST twenty times every time I see him JUST for being my bf and being in my life. I'm serious, clingy doesn't even begin to touch the toe of how I am around him. I'm that way in public, and probably do everything on that list, every three minutes, unless I'm asleep. So I just need to get the "clue phone" as my mother says, that every relationship after so many months...for him it was about a year and a half, will start, not 'fade' but calm down if you will...I just haven't cooled yet, lol, I'm still red hot, and will probably remain that way for a good five, six years at least...thats just how I am...
...damn this walkmen, concrete girl WOULD come on right now...*smacks walkmen*...
Anyway, sorry...the second issue.
Of course Andy isn't going to purpose to me anytime soon, or marry me, and likely not rush for us to move in together, and though I didn't want to realize, there is a list of fantastic reasons to this...well not fantastic to me, but its...logical, which is something Andy is exceptional at.
I don't have...ok, I can't say that honestly, I don't have MUCH of a doubt that Andy will marry me, and I know we will at the least be engaged at one point, and I know he loves me, I do believe that with every fiber of my horribly made being.
Its just he wants to believe me or not, I see our reltionship differently then he does.
I see it UNLOGICALLY, because I am the girl who still very much believes in vampires, werewolves, in honesty, magic a bit, and that for everyone, God made a perfect soul to match theirs just because lonliness is not something God would make us endure. At least for long.
I see that I love him, I love him so much it hurts at times, like a raw pain that just gets ripped wider and wider every time he leaves, or anytime I know he is in pain...I hate it when he hurts. I see Andrew William Vaught as someone who loves me unconditionally for ME, he treats me like a PRIZE not some...rat you can't shake from your heels. He loves me when he shouldn't, he likes that I'm weird, that I look at things differently, and he doesn't think I'm beautiful, he knows I am...if that sounded arrogent, then you didn't understand it.
I see that when I'm with him, I couldn't possibly feel more calm and peaceful, more whole and excepted. So, I look at in unlogically because I just want to be with him in any form I can get it, disregarding our age, finacial situation, maturity, and future.
Andy sees it like...well, a very smart 19 year old boy. <--- the boy comes into this. Pay attention.
His list is realistic, and I hope to remember it the next time I want to use PMS as a reason to take out my unsaid anger issues (haha!)
He is 19, I am 17...Andy at 19 wants to play airsoft with his friends, play video games, do his homework unburdened by heavy responsabilites such as rent, groceries, etc.
Andy is still very much a boy, and I DO NOT say this as a bad thing, I love it about him, he drags me out of my grumpy to old status, and into the playground with him, he reminds me to laugh, and look at things from a more imature perspective, basically, he is the reason I have fun. ugh I'm rambling about him again...back to the point. Andy is also very much a man, and anyone who says other wise, I will knock your fucking skull in. He has gone through more shit, then some guy friends I have who try to say things about him...majority of which I have stopped talking to. The others just get pointed out they are dating people they don't really love. He has withstood much, and proudly. He is classy like men can't be anymore, he is polite, complete gentleman, is honest, trust worthy, loyal, loving, caring, charming, strong, and I don't have a doubt, could probably kick anyone...and yes, I do mean anyone, I knows, ok done rambling.
Like I said, Andy has that right to be a 19 year old boy, and do 19 year old boy things...I suppose I kind of my town at 17 most boys are out on their own, have a apartment, and are engaged/have a kid, with two jobs...but ya know, I would rather die then date any of those scum.
Andy is bright, with planes I want to support more then anything other then he himself. He wants to make sure he gets through college, which is hard when you are supporting yourself souly, I know, I've seen several friends go through it first hand...and most don't make it.
he wants to graduate, so supporting both of us? (though I would get a job, still...)
And he would have NO money and many more bills to catch up on when he gets, he deserves better.
I know his mom is a pill sometimes, but he has a awsome basement, his own room, PS3, laptop, and Desktop, Car, and actually most of the time, the house to himself ( not to mention Jack :D ).
Why would he want to give all of that up to struggle like hell everyday of his life? To get me out, when he would only be putting himself in hell? Cause trust me, unless you are living in hell at home, thats what it is. Again, I've seen it. (Unless of course you have rich parents who pay for all the crap for you)
He deserves to NOT have to worry about finacial shit at his age, he deserves to come home to a house without worries the second he hits the door, he deserves to go out with his friends practically worry free...I'm not going to take that from him.
He already told me he wants to wait to get married until he is out of college for us to get married, so it can be a nice wedding...another thing I love him for.

See...I see our reltionship as something...idk how to put it...unique, which I guess everyone is...but more then that...Andy, I can't...
He feeds my soul. When people say "Oh yeah I would totally take a bullet for my bf/gf"...I can guarente, 99.9% of them wouldn't.
...I would. I don't care if you don't believe me...I would in a mila second if it prevented him pain in anyway.
He...loves me, I know he loves me, deeply, when he says he will marry me one day, I almost fully believe him, when he says we will be engaged one day, I do believe him...but where as I am stuck with a mind set of someone who spent most of her life through books, and through others eyes, friends, and others...I just don't see why their is this block between us keeping us apart, we could push it, in any direction to move it...but Andy see's that each direction has a land mine at the he wants to push the block forward, and keep pushing it, keeping it between us, but saving us both from harm...when their are no more land mines in front of any direction, I know he'll push it aside and there won't be anything but God to keeps us I hate the fucking block...*waves fist at unseen foe*...
...But I know I love him, and it hurts every time he leaves, and he will NEVER...NEVER know how much it almost burns when I feel him slip out of my hands and walk away from me...but as long as he loves me, and puts up with my insane ramblings, weird random talks, and even more sensless questions with no possible answer...I can wait. Painfully...but I'll be here.

I'll be on the other side of the block pushing, or pulling, with him.