Monday, February 21, 2011

I still feel like I'm trapped.


Monday, February 7, 2011

Its like finger nails, digging into the back of my skull.
Its the screaming, ear splinting that makes me feel so small.
Its the demon, looming over me, sharp teeth protruding from its gaping maw.

I'm the bird, thought to be free of its cage,
Only to realize to late, I'll always be its slave.
The illusion of freedom draped in patriotic words,
The force fed name of sanity, preached and slurred.

Burned from the agony of a rotting mind,
Decaying thoughts, dying time,
Lying just to stay alive,
seeing now I was always blind.

To this fate I've been binded.
Look on, no ones ever minded.
I've bled my thoughts from pen to paper,
I've watched my words drift away like vapor.
I've dreaded every waking hour,
As you watch glowering from you asure tower.

My dreams following me in my waking,
So real it leaves me aching,
Dreams of cold blades to cold stone,
Of ground rittled in my bones,
To wretched to live alone.

A wretch I am, in my mind, alone.